stars is pretentious, obviously they haven’t read any other john green novel

i mean really

a girl who doesn’t believe in grammatically correct capitalization

a guy who only dates katherines

a guy who memorizes famous last words

srsly people get it together with your criticisms 

Some nerds (not all) love nothing more than pontificating about their nerdy hobbies. If you are not in a position where you are learning from them, they don’t have much interest. And heaven help you if you have an opinion contrary to theirs.”


Two things:

1. Woody Allen and Mia Farrow never married nor did they live together. Soon Yi is not Woody’s adopted daughter; she is André Previn’s daughter.

2. Dylan Farrow wrote a powerful open letter, and in the last line she asked, “Now, what’s your favourite Woody Allen movie?” and it gives me the impression that I should feel sorry for loving “Annie Hall” or “Midnight in Paris” or “Misdemeanours”. I still stand by the fact that Woody Allen, as a filmmaker, made amazing films and I do not feel ashamed that I enjoyed watching them. Woody Allen, as a human being, however, is a different story.

Hey everyone,

We’re going to be making a nerdfighter club here at UBC! Exciting, right?

So this is just a small get-together for everyone who’s thinking of joining. We’ll try and figure out things like meeting days, special events… our mission statement, or whatever. That sort of thing. It’s mostly for those who are interested in presenting the idea of the club to the AMS (i.e., being an exec member), but of course everyone is totally encouraged to show! If you can’t make it but still want to join, we’ll probably be boothing sometime in the next few weeks, so no worries!

WHEN: Thursday October 3rd, 2-3:30pm

There will be snacks, of course. Can’t wait to see you there!

Miriam & Josella

Henry Higgins:

But I shall miss you, Eliza. I have learnt something from your idiotic notions: I confess that humbly and gratefully. And I have grown accustomed to your voice and appearance. I like them, rather.

Eliza Doolittle:

Well, you have both of them on your gramophone and in your book of photographs. When you feel lonely without me, you can turn the machine on. It's got no feelings to hurt.

Henry Higgins:

I can't turn your soul on. Leave me those feelings; and you can take away the voice and the face. They are not you.

Ugh what is with this need to place everything into stereotypes? Clearly this Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope was created just because some people did not have the brains to inspect the complexity of a female character 

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